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Friday, 2 November 2012

A Machine for Pigs: Halloween Updates

Anybody wondering about my relative inactivity over the last month - this has been why - it's been a huge push to get this media release together for the whole team, but seeing the overwhelmingly positive responses that it has received certainly makes it worth all the effort.

The new trailer shows a short section of gameplay footage - is this representative of the game as a whole? I couldn't possibly say, nor would I want to quell the very interesting discussions and theories coming from the community (most notably Frictional's own forum members).

Additionally, we're appealing to one and all to send us your fear - we're after recordings of you screaming, groaning, crying and being generally horrified, and we'll mix the best ones into a background track for the game. 

Simply send your recordings as WAV, OGG or MP3 files to us at and we'll have probably too much fun listening to them than we rightfully ought to.

We're well on the way to getting our final testing process underway - it's the home stretch, and I think we have something really rather special bubbling away, if I do say so myself...