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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Weddings, Pigs and Houses

My last post was a shockingly long time ago. Bad Pete. 

Lots has been going on though. I haven't been sitting around twiddling my thumbs (as much as I would love some time to do just that) - no no, instead I've been really a rather busy little piggy.

Firstly, the wedding that has been in the planning for the best part of 2 years finally happened on December the 23rd - a truly amazing day (due in no small part to my wife's meticulous, almost scary level of precision and planning) and one that will be remembered forever. Oh, and the fact that Katie surprised me with a little vehicular present in the morning...

Yes, a shiny Aston Martin DB9 (with a mere 400 miles on the clock no less) to drive me to the venue. It was felt necessary to go a bit Gangnam Style on it, to truly appreciate it's splendour. It also put us into a bit of James Bond mood, so we had to, of course, have a few photos along those lines...

Our attempt at being suave and sophisticated... Shut up.
After a wonderful ceremony in the picturesque country house, and having more cameras pointed at us than I think we will ever experience again, I managed to deliver a reasonably eloquent speech. This surprised me I have to say. Especially as I'd rewritten the entire thing 48 hours previously. Maybe standing up in front of rooms full of students is finally paying off, who knows...

Just after signing the register, during the closest thing we'll likely get to being paparazzi-fied...
Cutting the delicious cake, kindly made by our close friend Kelzky
I'll post a few more photos once we get the professional shots back from the photographers too.

So, after that, and our honeymoon in Lapland (during which I drove a Husky Dog Team - badly - a SnowMobile - slightly better - and Cross Country skied - primarily on my backside) it is finally time to get back to working on this little game. Being a husband, I need to bring home the bacon now see.

Completion is so close, one can almost taste the salty, smoked finish. However, we still have a little way to go, so no confirmed release date yet (Sorry everyone on Frictional's forums, but just so I don't get misquoted or anything! I know you're all eager for information...). But boy is it looking (and sounding) good - Our audio designer has been back on project for a few weeks, not to mention the excellent stuff that has been going on from the rest of the team too. It's going to be a hectic month.

Hectic too, because for some reason, after the huge stress of wedding planning, we thought it would be a logical idea to move house in the next month. So, in a few weeks we'll be off to the lovely little village of Wallington. Phew. Finally, then, I may be able to return to some semblance of a routine.

But, I won't speak too soon... Who knows what may be just around the corner. Oh, and of course, at some point, there's the small matter of a PhD thesis that needs to be written...

Dum de dum.